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Commission Info, Terms and Status!

Commission Info:

Commission Terms and Conditions:

Commission Status List:

Commissions/Trades Waitlist 2014

mihijime Doll by Kohaku0827 Loli-Ann Doll by Kohaku0827


1.) :iconyalarof: - to be determined

Art-Trade Waitlist
1.) :iconcarlie-nuclearzombie: - to be determined
2.) :iconetoiletan: - OC Nijine Tari - Detailed MiniChibi
3.) :iconyuki87: - to be determined
4.) :iconkiwibunny1: - to be determined
5.) :icononlyra: - to be determined
6.) :iconlittle-birds-art: - 2 small Minichibis - Aroura&Belle fr. 'Once Upon a Time"

Lovely images made by: :iconkohaku0827:

Slots Always Open

1.) :iconmariahasapaintbrush: - Always Open Slot
a.) Craftopus in exchange for ???

2.) :icondesiree-u: - Always Open Slot

3.) :icontennessee11741: - Always Open Slot

4.) :icondanielle-chan: - Always Open Slot

Lovely image made by: :iconmeip:

Some of my new fav art pieces!!!

Just a place where I can show off some of the excellent and beautiful works of my OCs!!! I have so many pieces that I love but these are my favs for the moment! To see more works I have commissioned or trades for for these characters please visit thier galleries here:

Mihijime -…

Theron and Ludes -…

:bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblack: :blackrose: :skull: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblack: :blackrose: :skull: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblack: :blackrose: :skull: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblack:

My OC Mihijime:

Com: skull dress by Danielle-chan Mihijime by kat250 Commission: Mihijime the Adorable by AjaSama Keychain Commission by ImHisEternalAngel OC Custom Outfit Design: Mihijime by Hansel-Soho Mihijime Point Commission by farronox Mihijime OC fanart- Coloured by MariaHasAPaintBrush P: Mihijime by xXNightRose14Xx Chibi request by Danielle-chan Mihijime 1 by SalientGrey ::.Awkward..Photo...:: by GemabearMonsta

and my still alltime favorite of her:
Gift: Mihijime By Chikukko by mihijime
she is just so cute and playful in this one! :iconchikukko: did a fantastic job on her! :glomp:

:bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblack: :blackrose: :skull: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblack: :blackrose: :skull: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblack: :blackrose: :skull: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblack:

My OCs Theron (merman) and Ludes:

The Reason by MyangHime Art Trade: Merian Trio by shiiso-tikku Paypal Commission for Mihijime -Serie and Theron by QuantenZiel Mihijime Compilation by MyangHime First Commission for Mihijime by QuantenZiel Commission: Ludes and Theron by Myme1 ATC Commission:  Ludes and Theron by Sobii Commission for Mihijime - Number 2 by QuantenZiel Com: Under the sea by Danielle-chan Theron and Ludes by Seni-chii

and last but not least - This one will always be my absolute fav since it was the first ever pic of my Boys to be drawn!!!
art trade: Ludes and Theron by shiiso-tikku :love::love::love:
I just can't thank :iconshiiso-tikku: enough for such a lovely job with my pitiful descriptions!!! :hug:

Lovely image made by: :iconxmireille-chanx:


mihijime's Profile Picture
Mihijime ~ aka CK
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
Awesome new deviantID made by the lovely and talented Desiree-U! Thank you again hon!! :huggle:

I am a Plushie maker and also make OOAK Art Dolls from time to time. All dolls I make and post are up for sale unless otherwise stated. I also take on commissions! Look for me on Facebook, Etsy or check for updates on my website - just look for Mihijime's Attic.

CK Garred Facebook Accout!/mihijime.c…

Again I know I have been MIA but that is just how it is gonna be for awhile longer I am afraid. I am still having a pretty rough time health wise but I am slowly getting use to the new changes in my decreased health and what my new limitations and all are. I refuse to give up plush making altogether but I will not be able to plush and sew like I use to anymore - I use to sew or plush for about 8-12 hours a day - that cannot be the case any longer. Now I am on a strict schedule of no more than 4 hours in my sewing room. It is quite frustrating to say the least. Mainly it just seems like I just get in the groove of plushing and I have to stop for the day!! But both my husband and my 2 children are being very strict with making me follow doctors orders due to the last few scares I gave them these last few months :(

So until my doctor either takes this restriction off or lets me increase it by a few hours I am stuck with just a few hours a day to get anything done.

I have also cut back my internet usage a lot due to the frequent headaches, migraines and eye strain. I still try to check into at least Facebook or DA every other day but mainly I just clear out junk and leave other stuff to look at on the weekends. I know this has made me lousy with notes, messages, updates and uploads and all and I am sorry for that but I am seriously just trying to focus on myself atm and my health for mine and my family sakes. I can understand if you have a problem with that and all but I just cannot let myself stress about it atm - I have more important worries on my mind than worrying about if I am hurting someone's feelings or what not by talking to them everyday. I am talking to those who don't push, whine or complain every time they see me around and I will talk to everyone eventually - just give me time to get myself sorted and over my last few health issues ok.

And for those who don't know me very well and why I am always sick or in the hospital then just look up Systemic Lupus and what it does to a person - especially someone over the age of 35 and that has been diagnosed with it for over 12 years now. This is not something I will ever get over or ever have a cure for in my lifetime. I will be lucky to see both of my kids grown and married so yeah I am a little testy about the constant complaints of "why are you so sick all the time?" or "why ain't you over this yet?"

Now for plush updates. As I said - it is slow going on the sewing front but here is what is done and what I hope to have done in the next few months.

:iconthinker4567: - your 2 pocket plushies ( neko Armin and regular Annie ) are finished. Your cuddle Plush Eren -I still have to finish his Ears, tail and hair. Cuddle Plush armin - I had to scrap his first blanket, reorder the fabric (which I did not get until right before xmas) so just remaking his blanket, sewing all the pieces of is backpack together and his hair. I have included an extra free plush or Eren (not a neko) to make up for delay and all that is left on him is jacket, boots and hair. If all goes well I will be handing these off to my hubby to drop off at the post either Thursday or Friday this coming week.

:iconcosmos001: Kaito has all his clothes done except for his trench coat - I had to redo it since the first one ended up being too small in the sleeves and general length. I have his belt and accessories started and all but the front part of his hair is done. Your pocket plush of him is done as well except for the front part of his hair. I will be sending you a note at the end of this journal to discuss further details of this commission.

:iconhinatafox790: I have Sebastian's body sewn stuffed and dressed in his shirt, pants and shoes and gloves. I hope to finish his trench coat and accessories soon and have him ready to ship by end of the month. so sorry for the delay.

Also Sally is made except for her shirt and hair which I am still working on the pattern for - sorry.

:icondanielle-chan: Mostly recap here: Leo and Edward are finished. Airy still needs her wings and stockings. Slurpuff is all cut out and sewn finally - just needs to be stuffed. Slyph has been started - trying to work out the "leaves for her clothes and around her head - which I think I have figured out finally and hope o try out in a week or 2. Pricsilla is all dressed now - still working out the horn like things on her forehead. And Yun Fang is dressed, just still working on accessories and hair. Skull Kid finally has a stuffed body and face. I have his hat and mask patterned out and ready to sew and then I will begin on his clothes.

:iconleo-moemegane: I don't have my list with me atm moment so I can't remember all of them as some have been in my need to finish pile for quite awhile so I will go over the ones on my to-do table right now ok. I have Gilbert Nightray sewn, stuffed and dressed in all his under clothes as well as his face embroidery done and his head stuffed. Still needs his over coat and accessories and hair then he is done. Yukine is done except for Hair and hamster/bear overcoat thing (first one did not look right at all so was scrapped and I started from scratch on it :(  ). Ayato is basically just needing all the hand sewing to his 2nd overcoat, and jacket and his hair. Allen has his body sewn, stuffed and embroidery done. working on detailing on his demon arm and clothes. His underclothes are done and on him, timcampy is sewn but not stuffed yet and Kanda is finished except for some slight handsewing and his hair.  I also know that both Leo's and the large Elliot just need their top jackets and accessories. The couple from toyko ghoul are sewn, stuffed and the guy is dressed fully just need hair and accessories, the girl still needs her jacket, scarf and hair. Have not started the other Tokyo ghoul guy yet other than having his body sewn and stuffed and his clothes patterned. The other Pandora hearts characters - I cannot remember which ones are close to finishing, which one I haven't started yet or what not other than the one with the teddy bear has his body sewn and stuffed, most his clothes on and his teddy bear and lollipop done, and the one with the little shoulder puppet is mostly dressed. If I forgot any I will try and get back to you as soon as I can ok - so sorry for all the continued delay!

:iconjulianajealousy: Matt Miller and the 2nd Taki are scheduled to be started again sometime in February.

:icondesiree-u: I have the Bonnie Ears headband done but I need to talk to you about the rest of your prizes and trades - Mainly about your embroidery and all - and figuring out a timeframe on which you would like first and everything. I hope to begin on all of them as soon as i get my xmas stuff for family and all done so I would like to work out their time frame as soon as possible :)

:iconceltysshadow: - we can work out the details on the rest of our trades and all on FB anytime hon.

other updates:

I will still not be taking Commission next year either other than 1 or 2 and I will be very picky about them. I am sorry guys but this year has been hell and I really do not want to put myself in this position again- I do NOT need the stress. If I get back to the point where I can work like I want and all I may open them again for a short bit but don't count on it! I will still be plushing but it will mostly be on some personal projects, some trades with friends and just on some stuff i have been putting off over and over to work on plushies for others. i will be selling at a few conventions next year as well as totally restocking my etsy store with ready made plush.

Also I will be working on owed prize plushies and overdue trades as I can work them in. I hope to have 1 or 2 done by the end of this month and then follow that up with 1 or 2 every following month. Anyone interested in refreshing my memory on your prizes owed or trades owed please feel free to note me here or message me on my Mihijime's Attic FB:…

I am just starting to get really run down and not really enjoying sewing and such at the moment. I won't be leaving DA or anything but I will be taking few if any commissions for quite a while.

so i think that is it for now - if I forgot a commission please let me know. also if you would like more up to date updates please like my Facebook page (link can be found on my profile page here) - i am on FB at least once a day.

Again thanks for your time in reading this and for your continued patience with me :)


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:thumb336551295: Chibi Commission for mihijime [1/2] by RingaButt Chibi Commission for mihijime [2/2] by RingaButt :thumb336538359:

Plushie Point Commissioned CLOSED as of 10/03/2012

Extra points will be used for groups and to help other DAers!! :D Also I will be holding another random name drawing at the end of my goal for a single winner to win a FREE Custom MiniChibi Plush


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ART-TRADES are closed - but if you are interested just note me anyway
Mihijime's Commissions Closed Stamp by Kohaku0827 Mihijime's Art Trade Closed Stamp by Kohaku0827 Mihijime's Point Commissions Closed Stamp by Kohaku0827
:spotlight-left: COMMISSIONS CLOSED!! :spotlight-right:
:spotlight-left: ART - TRADES CLOSED :spotlight-right:
:spotlight-left: POINT COMMISSIONS CLOSED!! :spotlight-right:

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:COMMISSION FORM:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

:bulletblue: Name: Character name and or series
:bulletblue: Hair Color: what color do see the characters hair as
:bulletblue: Eye Color: what is the color of the characters eyes
:bulletblue: Expression: what facial expression would you like on your character
:bulletblue: Marks or Tattoos: any marks, scars, tattoos etc you want on your character and where are they located
:bulletblue: Type of Plush: example - MiniChibi, SuperChibi, Pocket Plush, Squid Pillow, Pony, or Cuddle Plush
:bulletblue: Payment: Paypal (Please note if paying by Paypal Please include your Username with payment)
:bulletblue: Reference: at least 2 pics (front and back) but the more pics you can give me the more detailed the plush or doll can be made)
:bulletblue: Extra Wishes: anything you can think of that will help me make the plush or such how you want it - example: include sword, necklace, change hair color, eye color, etc.
:bulletblue: Email Address: self explanitory (just so I can send you an invoice for payment once terms have been worked out via note, email, etc.)
:bulletblue: Location: (for shipping estimates)

:blackrose: :bulletpurple: :blackrose: :bulletpurple::blackrose:Any other Questions or Concerns please feel free to Ask!:blackrose: :bulletpurple: :blackrose: :bulletpurple::blackrose:

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