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Commission Info, Terms and Status!

Commission Info:

Commission Terms and Conditions:

Commission Status List:

Welcome to the Attic!!

Lovely image made by: :iconchikukko:

:bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :blackrose: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :blackrose: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :blackrose: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :blackrose: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :blackrose: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :blackrose: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :blackrose: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :blackrose: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :blackrose: :bulletpurple:


Loli-Ann Sprite by Kohaku0827 'Welcome to the Attic' Stamp by Kohaku0827 'Mihijime's Attic' Stamp by Kohaku0827 mihijime Sprite by Kohaku0827

Lovely background image made by: :iconriniuu:

Commissions/Trades Waitlist 2014

mihijime Doll by Kohaku0827 Loli-Ann Doll by Kohaku0827


1.) :iconyalarof: - to be determined

Art-Trade Waitlist
1.) :iconcarlie-nuclearzombie: - to be determined
2.) :iconetoiletan: - OC Nijine Tari - Detailed MiniChibi
3.) :iconyuki87: - to be determined
4.) :iconkiwibunny1: - to be determined
5.) :icononlyra: - to be determined
6.) :iconfraternal-punzie: - 2 small Minichibis - Aroura&Belle fr. 'Once Upon a Time"

Lovely images made by: :iconkohaku0827:

Slots Always Open

1.) :iconmariahasapaintbrush: - Always Open Slot
a.) Craftopus in exchange for ???

2.) :icondesiree-u: - Always Open Slot

3.) :icontennessee11741: - Always Open Slot

4.) :icondanielle-chan: - Always Open Slot

Lovely image made by: :iconmeip:

Some of my new fav art pieces!!!

Just a place where I can show off some of the excellent and beautiful works of my OCs!!! I have so many pieces that I love but these are my favs for the moment! To see more works I have commissioned or trades for for these characters please visit thier galleries here:

Mihijime -…

Theron and Ludes -…

:bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblack: :blackrose: :skull: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblack: :blackrose: :skull: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblack: :blackrose: :skull: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblack:

My OC Mihijime:

Com: skull dress by Danielle-chan Mihijime by kat250 Commission: Mihijime the Adorable by AjaSama Keychain Commission by ImHisEternalAngel Custom OC Outfit Design: Mihijime by Hansel-Soho Mihijime Point Commission by farronox Mihijime OC fanart- Coloured by MariaHasAPaintBrush P: Mihijime by xXNightRose14Xx Chibi request by Danielle-chan Mihijime 1 by SalientGrey ::.Awkward..Photo...:: by GemabearMonsta

and my still alltime favorite of her:
Gift: Mihijime By Chikukko by mihijime
she is just so cute and playful in this one! :iconchikukko: did a fantastic job on her! :glomp:

:bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblack: :blackrose: :skull: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblack: :blackrose: :skull: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblack: :blackrose: :skull: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblack:

My OCs Theron (merman) and Ludes:

The Reason by MyangHime Art Trade: Merian Trio by shiiso-tikku Paypal Commission for Mihijime -Serie and Theron by QuantenZiel Commission :: Theron + Ludes by PandoraRequiem Mihijime Compilation by MyangHime First Commission for Mihijime by QuantenZiel Commission: Ludes and Theron by Myme1 ATC Commission:  Ludes and Theron by Sobii Commission for Mihijime - Number 2 by QuantenZiel Com: Under the sea by Danielle-chan Theron and Ludes by Yiri-tan

and last but not least - This one will always be my absolute fav since it was the first ever pic of my Boys to be drawn!!!
art trade: Ludes and Theron by shiiso-tikku :love::love::love:
I just can't thank :iconshiiso-tikku: enough for such a lovely job with my pitiful descriptions!!! :hug:

Lovely image made by: :iconxmireille-chanx:


mihijime's Profile Picture
Mihijime ~ aka CK
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
Awesome new deviantID made by the lovely and talented Desiree-U! Thank you again hon!! :huggle:

I am a Plushie maker and also make OOAK Art Dolls from time to time. All dolls I make and post are up for sale unless otherwise stated. I also take on commissions! Look for me on Facebook, Etsy or check for updates on my website - just look for Mihijime's Attic.

CK Garred Facebook Accout!/mihijime.c…

Help Me name My new Male OC!!! 

No deviants said ok guys - now that I have my new OC I am stumped on a name for him - so if ya have a sugesstion please let me know!!!
No deviants said :CE: A New Mascot in the Attic by Desiree-U
No deviants said Name Suggestions???!!! (comment please)

Mihijime's Commission Information 2014

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 10:12 AM

'Welcome to the Attic' Stamp by Kohaku0827         'Mihijime's Attic' Stamp by Kohaku0827

ART-TRADES temporarialy CLOSED


Waiting list for Janurary now Open!!!!


Commission Form


Please check out my Terms and Conditions here: Commission Terms and ConditionsThis is my new updated Terms and Conditions  for Plush/Craft Commissions!
Please read through all of this carefully before contacting me about an commission.
:blackrose::bulletpurple::blackrose::bulletpurple::blackrose::bulletpurple::blackrose::bulletpurple::blackrose::bulletpurple:[Black Rose][Bullet; Purple][Black Rose][Bullet; Purple]
[Death] I will ONLY make plushies in the styles listed in my Commissions Page/Journal found here:  (it is currently being updated)
I will not use anyone else's patterns for my plushies/commissions so Please DO NOT ASK!!!
[Death] All Commissions over $35 USD require a deposit of $25 USD. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE FEE!!! This fee is a guarantee to me that you are serious about the commission. Once deposit is made you will be added to the Comission List - found here: (is currently being updated)
Plush work will begin once the Commission is
 before ordering a commission!!!

Also Please Note - I WILL NOT make any HOMESTUCK plushies!!! - the creator has been very adamant about this and I do not want any trouble with it!!

 ~~Will Do~~
:bulletpurple: Your OC (I love doing OCs so don't be afraid to ask!!)
:bulletpurple: Fan-Art (anime, game, book, movie, etc.)
:bulletpurple: Will add Breast to female Characters if asked to as long as she is not naked
:bulletpurple: Will alter patterns to accomadate Mer characters, Nekos, Angel/Devil etc.

~~Will Not Do~~
:bulletgreen: NO Nudity!!! (sorry guys but I have kids who watch me work on these plush and I do not feel comfortable making a nude plush!! (Will do partical nudity - like bare chest for guys - as long as the important parts are covered
:bulletgreen: Animal Characters (I am primarily a Human/Humanoid plushie maker - besides ponies, octopi and squids. I will try my hand at most anything though except for full on animals, and highly complex anthros. Also not very skilled in the making of POKEMON, DIGIMON, etc!)


All Prices are Base STARTING Prices and WILL change depending on the complectity of character, amount of detail entailed or extra wishes of the commissioner!!!

:spotlight-left: Embroidered eyes are currently only available for the 1.) MiniChibi Plush, 2.) 3D head MiniChibi Plush, 3.) Large & Xtra Large Custom Plush 4.) Pony Plush and 5.) Squid Pillows!!!


:spotlight-left: MiniChibi Plush Type Doll – 11" - 12.5" tall :spotlight-right:

Starting Price: $35 (range: $35 - $95 USD)

Con Plush 17 - Spock (2009) MiniChibi Plush by mihijime Commission: Elliott Nightray fr. Pandora Hearts by mihijime Gift: Alice Liddell MiniChibi Plush by mihijime Prize: OC Dark Lovette MiniChibi Plush by mihijime

:spotlight-left: Small MiniChibi Plush Type Doll – 6"-8.5" tall :spotlight-right:

Starting Price: $25 (range $25 - $65 USD)

Prize: Arsenal Small MiniVhibi Plush by mihijime Art-Trade: OC Alfonse Sm. MiniChibi by mihijime Etsy Commission: Shyena from VLast  Sm. MiniChibi by mihijime Small MiniChibi Plush: Jack Skellington by mihijime

:spotlight-left: NEW 3D Head MiniChibi Plush Type Doll – 11.5" - 14" tall :spotlight-right:

Starting Price: $45 (range $45 - $105 USD)

Con Plush 8 - Halo Red Spartan Plushie by mihijime Commission: OC Lullaby 3D Head Minichibi Plush by mihijime Gift: Pierce Villiers MiniChibi Plush by mihijime Con Plush 7 - Blue Halo Spartan by mihijime

:spotlight-left: Large Cuddle Plush - 23"- 25" tall :spotlight-right:
Starting Price: $100 (range $100 - $225 USD)

Commission: Large Caboose Cuddle Plush by mihijime

:spotlight-left: Pocket Plush Type Doll – 5" - 8" tall :spotlight-right:

Starting Price $25 (range $25 - $45 USD)

Gift: Zara Lionsdale for Hinatafox790 by mihijime Con Plush 9 - Light Yagami DeathNote Plushie by mihijime Pocket Plush: Chibi Crona from Soul Eater by mihijime

:spotlight-left: Xtra Large Custom Plush – over 24" tall :spotlight-right:

Starting Price $120 (range $120 - $240 USD or more depending on size!!!)

No Human Plushie example yet (Coming Soon!!!) Gift: Giant Squid Plushie by mihijime

:spotlight-left: Large Custom Plush – 12" - 24" tall :spotlight-right:

Starting Price $75 (range $75 - $140 USD or more depending on size!!!)

~~~also I will no longer be using the adapted pattern from AshFantastic - I have my own pattern now and it is pretty similar in look except for slimmer torso, different feet/shoes and arms are are separately attached with different hands

Commission: Alucard fr. Hellsing - Long Doll by mihijime Commission: Die Andou fr. Dir en Grey by mihijime Etsy Commission: Dir en Grey  Die Custom Plush by mihijime Commission: OC Radiant - Collage by mihijime

:spotlight-left: Ponies - 9" - 22" tall :spotlight-right:

Starting Price: $40 (range $40 - $200 USD)

(NOTE: I will not do MLP Ponies - there are many plusher who focus mainly on MLP Plushies so I will leave it up to them!! I do not mind however making OC Ponies or Fan-Art Ponies)
Con Plush 2 - BBC Sherlock Beanie Pony by mihijime Con Plush 4 - Thranduil Pony Plush by mihijime Mihijime Pony Plush by mihijime

:spotlight-left: Pillow Plush  - anywhere from 9"x9" to 18"x18" (except squids - sizes range) :spotlight-right:

Starting Price: $30 (range $30 - $75 USD)

Fuzzy Squid Pillow Plush by mihijime Minion Pillow by mihijime Evil Minion Pillow by mihijime

:spotlight-left: Octopi Plush  - 3.5" - 12" tall :spotlight-right:

Starting Price: $8 (range $8 - $40 USD)

Etsy Commission: Octopi Trio by mihijime Gift: Tucker Octopi Plushie Keychain by mihijime Large Octopi Plush - Batapus by mihijime Prize: Large Bunnipus Octopi by mihijime



1.) Please note that none of the prices listed above including postage or packaging cost
2.) Postage and Packaging is $10 USD for inside the US (except for Ponies which are $12 USD and Xtra Large Custom Plush - these will be calculated after the plush is made!!!) commissions & $15 USD for orders outside the US (except for Ponies which is $18 USD and
Xtra Large Custom Plush - these will be calculated after the plush is made!!!)  ). I DO ship Worldwide!!
3.) I can not be held responsible for lost or damaged packages once I hand it over to the post office.
4.) Shipping for Point Commissions can be paid after the plush is complete (just note that the plushie will not be shipped until this is paid!)


mihijime has started a donation pool!
0 / 1,000
BCommMihijime2 by phryseth Chibi Commission for mihijime [1/2] by RingaButt Chibi Commission for mihijime [2/2] by RingaButt BCommMihijime by phryseth

Plushie Point Commissioned CLOSED as of 10/03/2012

Extra points will be used for groups and to help other DAers!! :D Also I will be holding another random name drawing at the end of my goal for a single winner to win a FREE Custom MiniChibi Plush


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About me

ART-TRADES are closed - but if you are interested just note me anyway
Mihijime's Commissions Closed Stamp by Kohaku0827 Mihijime's Art Trade Closed Stamp by Kohaku0827 Mihijime's Point Commissions Closed Stamp by Kohaku0827
:spotlight-left: COMMISSIONS CLOSED!! :spotlight-right:
:spotlight-left: ART - TRADES CLOSED :spotlight-right:
:spotlight-left: POINT COMMISSIONS CLOSED!! :spotlight-right:

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:COMMISSION FORM:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Please put "Commission" in subject line of note!!

:bulletblue: Name: Character name and or series
:bulletblue: Type of Plush: example - MiniChibi, Mini Plush , Lil Chibi, Pony, Hood Scarf
:bulletblue: Payment: Either Paypal, Money Order or Points (Please note if paying by Paypal or MO Please include your Username with payment)
:bulletblue: Reference: at least 2 pics (front and back) but the more pics you can give me the more detailed the plush or doll can be made)
:bulletblue: Extra Wishes: anything you can think of that will help me make the plush or such how you want it - example: include sword, necklace, change hair color, eye color, etc.
:bulletblue: Email Address/Username: self explanitory (just so I can make sure I have the right notes for the right commission.)

:blackrose: :bulletpurple: :blackrose: :bulletpurple::blackrose:Any other Questions or Concerns please feel free to Ask!:blackrose: :bulletpurple: :blackrose: :bulletpurple::blackrose:

Lovely image made by: :iconkitty-vamp:



:iconma-gama: :iconzuly-ang: :iconchef-chad: :icondarkabyss101: :iconceleeia:



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Thank you so much for the fav on my lil troublemaker, Shuppet~ If you'd like your own Shuppet, I'd be more than happy to make you one~ Or anything else you'd like for that matter ^^! Do let me know dear if you are interested, my commissions are currently opened ~ Sneaky Shuppet by PlushPrincess

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